The ADEPT instructors are all very patient, well-trained and highly qualified, and provide top notch service in order to prepare drivers, both young and old, for both G1 exit and G2 exit Road Tests. This training is provided according to the Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver's Education Course Guidelines.

Become An Instructor

If you're ready to become an instructor with Adept Drivers, you've in the right place. As an instructor with us, you can open yourself up to a whole world of employment benefits, flexible schedule, rewarding job that continues to keep on giving with each passing student.

Consistent Work & Make Good Money

We pay our instructors a competitive salary. We will supply you with consistent work in your assigned areas. Having an assigned area allows you to attend to more students and take on more work rather than driving all around town to pick up students.

Teach When It's Convenient For You

As an Adept Drivers instructor, you have the ability to set your own schedule and your own hours. Work only when it's most convenient for you.

Technologies to Make your job easier

We are using state of the technologies to make you job easier, geofencing, automating schedule based on you schedule

Do what you love to do, Instruct and Train!

we take care all business functionalities, from sales calls, marketing, payments, follow ups, all you have to do is do what you are an expert at, is train students.

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