Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for in-class and in-car training?
How soon can I obtain a G2 license?
Is Adept Drivers' a Ministry of Transportation Approved Beginner Driver's Education course provider?
What is included in the Beginner Drivers' Education (BDE) Course?
As a G1 Learner, what happens if I am not ready after 10 hours of in-car lessons?
What if I fail the G1 or G2 test?
Is there a fee to use the Driving School Car for the driving test?
Will I get a printed certificate after successful completion of the course?
Is there a fee to complete an online certification with the Ministry of Transportation online?
How can I renew an expired driver's license?
I am an immigrant with a drivers' license from another country, can I receive an Ontario driver's licence?
How does Adept Drivers' help newcomers to Canada?
What areas does Adept Drivers' service?
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